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10 meaningful tattoos you should get on if being inked is your trend

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Tattoos are back in fashion. Tattoos rejuvenate itself from the era of Vedic period. Those days one got inked to signify a relation or their fate on Gods. The body was embarked with similar designs and it was a tradition more than a trend. With the advancement in society, there emerged new designs, varied colors, textures which enticed the youth to get inked. Youth today have no specific reason for flaunting a tattoo, they want it because it looks cool and evokes. But why not have a tattoo that proclaims something? Here are top 10 designs of tattoos which elicited and envied something:
1) An open book:

It denotes that you love reading. It also symbolizes that you are not mystery. If people take interest to know, you turn to be friendly and carry a warm attitude.

2)A butterfly:

It symbolizes an evolution of life. If you get a transformation in your personality, you can inked it with this.

3)Musical notes:

It proclaims that you love music. If you create your own rhythm, tune or even write lyrics, this tattoo will define you.

4)For Dad:

Your world revolves around your dad and he means you more than anything else in this world. Get inked with a Dad tattoo.

5)Nature inspired:

This tattoo symbolizes the love towards nature.


It portends freedom. If your thoughts are free, you understand the meaning of being liberal and follow it’s, this tattoo suits you the best.

7)A quote:

A quote on life, love, family signifies what exactly you seek in. What your view on life is or how you want to deal with everything that goes around.

8)Devil as cute cupid:

A devil tattoo though portends immorality but this devil looked cupid signifies your mischievous nature.

9)Couple tattoos:

If you are in love deeply and wants your relationship to be flaunted, try varied couple designs tattoos which will symbolize love, reliability and connection.


This tattoo indicates positivity as arrow stands for moving ahead. It is considered as the symbol of masculinity, strength, power and sense of direction.