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Even now you will love to play these 90s video games

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In the early 90s when we didn’t have internet or 24 hour channels trying to entertain us, the only thing which used to get us stick to screen was video games. Remember that sweetest lie we used to believe written on video game’s cassettes that it contains 9999999 games.
We all have wasted hundreds hours saving the life of Mario’s girlfriend or trying to save Alladin from enemies on the streets of Agrabah. Childhood memories of 90s kids are full of such games which are still the part of our memory. The technology now has changed and you can even experience yourself to be in the game using special devices. But what made us love those games was not graphics but story plot these games had. Here is the list of some of those 2D games which made your childhood.

1) Aladdin:

The game published by Sega in 1993 was a huge hit selling over 1.75 million units worldwide. Who will forget the streets and rooftops of Agrabah, the Cave of Wonders and the Sultan’s dungeon to the final confrontation in Grand Vizier Jafar’s palace?

2) Contra:

Either playing it single player or with our best buddy while playing this game we used to feel like we were really on the battle field. Remember the struggle we used to do to catch those special powers of ‘L’, ‘F’, ‘R’ and ‘B’.

3)Road Rash:

Road Rash – The best racing game we ever had. Kicking our competitors or hitting them with baseball bat was our favorite job. Let us tell you that those were illegal races and that was the reason we used to get caught by cops!

4) Mario

Probably the most popular game of the time, Mario was loved by kids and hated by parents!

5) Dangerous Dave:

Moving carefully and jumping over the flames was the toughest job. Dave had to collect cold cups to move on to next level. The mission was to guide Dave through different levels, collecting trophies in the hideout of his enemy, Clyde.

6) Mortal Komabt:

Different characters from different countries around the world that had their own unique style of fighting were our opponents and defeating them used to give us immense joy.

7) Duck Hunt:

That happy moment when we used to shoot maximum number of ducks for our cute doggy. This light gun shooter game was a fun in itself.