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Feelings & Food – II

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Tears are the extreme of emotions. When you cry it actually is the indication that you have felt hurt. If you cry out of happiness it definitely means its true happiness!! Lets talk about the former one. The only remedy to my tearful eyes is a good food and has always been that. When I am sad and low besides shoping the one thing that cheers me up is food.

Whenever I write about food, its my way of thanking it for been there for me. Life is not easy and it definitely is not a fairy tale. The sooner we realize it the better we will become ready to face the world.

There were days when I didnt have money to eat 3 meals a day. My dinner was usually tea and biscuits and my breakfast was just an empty stomach. I use to lie to my parents who were admitted in the hospital because they met with a horrific car accident. Miraculously, they both survived and were there in hospital for almost a year.

I grew up over night. I didnt have money to eat food so had to borrow it from my classmates and friends. Thats the time when I realised the true value of food. Those moments made me respect  food to an extent that I never experienced. And after that I fell in love with it.

That one meal, which I use to had, made me feel the worth of it. It gave me the strength to look after my parents. It gave me strength to fight this world back. It gave me strength to laugh again with my friends. The one person who was there with me throughout this painful time beside my food was, my best friend. His motivation made me the person I am today. So would like to thank him for being so damn supportive.

All I want to say is guys respect your food, before it too late and you learn the lesson hard way just know its worth. Your food is your feeling, dont it let go away from your soul.