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If you ask me what kind of person I am, my reply would be “oh, I am like a samosa”. Yeah!! I know it sound funny but its true. Thats the closest I feel associated too. Food has played a very major role in my life. It helped me survive my worst of time. Like literally survive. Be it stress or breakup, food has been constantly on my side, helping  me to get over all the bad feelings.

Since the time I have started writing about food, I wanted to tell and share that its not just a piece of article, it my hidden life. The  life, which I quite recently discovered. A drastic failure of relationships has lead me form mY relationship with food. A relationship in which respect and loyalty is 100% garunteed.

It doesn’t question my dignity and my self respect. It doesn’t show its ego specially when I am at the weakest point of time in my life. It definitely does not care weather I am fat or thin. All it asks me to do is to eat it and feel happy.

Anything and i literally mean anything which makes you happy in return of nothing is the best kind of relationship you can have. My writing is not about praising my favorite food, its all about me letting out all the feelings I have for that particular food.

just because I fall under the category of food blogging, it certainly does not mean that I have to write about the food thats best to eat,  Bhla !! Bhla!! Bhla!!

How many of us have ever thought about the feelings a specific food generates in us?? I guess very few. Food was the sunshine of my darkest time. I love my food and I will always love it.

To be continued…