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Mondays have always been very very hectic in my life. belive me, if you are a college student and you have to reach college on time, its a race against time man!! First of all the whole waking up process is so damn tiring that I always end up wondering “have I even slept at night peacefully??”. But it just lasts for like 10 seconds and then new thoughts and plan occupy my brain.

For all those who have to travel a great deal to work or college make sure you eat your breakfast well. It takes me 2 hours to reach my college and trust me by the time I climb 4 floors to reach my classroom, my condition is pathetic. It feels like I have not eaten anything in ages. Guys make sure you have a good heavy breakfast. Being low on sugar early in the morning is not a good idea.

For instance today my mom made me a ‘aloo tiki’ sandwich which was quick and really easy to eat. I usually eat my breakfast in car. Trust me its not a good idea if you have a motion sickness problem. But then I don’t have another option left also. I require my energy to reach the college without fainting. If thats not less have to struggle my way through the enormous crowd on metro station.

Today I carried a pack of cookies too, with me . Don’t know why but I felt as if I would be needing it, and yes I ended up eating the whole pack while stuck in the traffic.

The one thing which always catches my attention is the love and tenderness of my mother while she is cooKing the breakfast for me. That one ‘aloo tiki sandwich’ helps her to stay at peace in heart. You know why?? Because she knows that her little daughter has not left the house without eating anything.

The love and passion she has , while cooking for me and my brother makes me respect and adore the food more. I shared my mother’s love with my friends too. They love what she cooks. The true love of cooking can be seen in the eyes of mother’s. so people love your food but love your mother more!!