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Proud Moment for the nation, Rohit Khandelwal Mr. World 2016

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July’20.2016, New Delhi: Nickelas Pederson, Mr World 2014 passed on his legacy to Rohit Khandelwal, an Indian Model has been announced as the winner of Mr World Championship on July’20, 2016, at the Grand Ceremony at Southport in England. Rohit is the first Asian, who is holding the most desirable title of Mr India. According to the report by official website of Mr India, there were 46 other contestants, who were giving him a tough competition. Along with the title he has won the cash prize of $50,000.The first Runner Up for the title was, Puerto Rico followed by Mr. Mexico as the second runner up.

Rohit is a 26 year old Indian Model, actor and is one of the famous tv personality. He is from Hyderabad and before entering in the modeling industry, he served as a ground staff for spice jet and technical support assistant at Dell Computers. He has done many TV commercials and TV shows including “Yeh Hai Aashiqui”, “Million Dollar Girl”, and “MTV Big F”. He has won prestigious title of Provogue Personal Care Mr India World 2015.

As per the report presented by India Times (a news website portal), Rohit has gained ideal level of fitness without being bulky, through working hard on lots of fitness training, including football and circuit. He also attended various grooming sessions, for facing the various physical challenges at the pageant. They further added that, Rohit by clearing all the challenges directed his victory. Not only had the judgment panel, public voting via mobile phones also played a crucial role in the accomplishment of the whole event.

India Times added that, after accomplishing the title, Rohit said, “I still can’t believe that I have won the Mr World title. Being the first Indian ever to win this title makes me immensely proud and ecstatic.” Rohit’s such accomplishment, made the nation proud, and has established motivational platform for the future generation.

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Common Indian who realized how great my country is when i left india in 1999. After being so many years in various country and knowing views of people about my culture, i felt pride and start thinking why i never felt same when i was in India,, there could be many reasons ,, corrupt govt , poor and aimless western eduction system, lack of nationalism , country run by polititians not by leaders or all of them,, but being as a true country lover i am doing my part. Jai HIND