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Say Cheeseeee!!!

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Cheese!!! I love cheese, you love cheese, we ALL love cheese. Life without cheese is unimaginable. At least in my case this is a fact. It has a very special place in my heart because it helped me cook my very first dish, the crunchy sizzling ‘cheese toast’. it still remains the best thing that I can cook.

It was love at first sight. The moment I saw the smooth, glazy , creamy yellow texture of the cheese I fell in love with it. The beautiful long shreds were like raindrops to the eyes. And finally I got the feel of heaven when I tasted it. The salty taste is just irresistible to eat. The feeling of true love is what I get when I see and eat cheese.

So let’s talk about the whole cheese toast stuff. All you need is 2 slices of bread, shredded cheese a pinch of black pepper and ketchup. Take a pan on medium flame, glaze it with butter. The take one side of bread slice, put shredded cheese on it, sprinkle a pinch of black pepper and then cover it with the other slice. Apply butter on the upper side of the slice before placing it on the pan. Now let the heat do its work. Add a little more butter to make it more crunchy. Keep flipping the toast so that it does not get overcooked. If it dark golden its an indication that its ready to be served with sweet tomato ketchup.


The eternal moment is when the melted cheese touches your lips and you cannot do anything but feel the touch of heaven.

I have always established my relationship with cheese like the one we have with our grandparents. No matter how tough the day is the moment you see them you get a smile on your face. Their presence is very important in our life’s. Without their love, stories and charm we remain incomplete.

Same is with the cheese.I know that whatever happens my cheese will always be there looking at me from the shelf of the fridge and bringing a smile on my face. Common guys think of it!! The time when you get clicked and say cheese, what on earth do you say it for?? Obviously to show your beautiful charming smile. So you see here I prove my point, cheese is equivalent to our happiness.

So eat cheese and be happy!!!