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How western food has hit Indian kitchens and what are the pros and cons

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As word is becoming one small village because of globalization there is no aspect of our life which has not got affected by the cultural mingling. Our kitchens are now flourishing with the food from all over the word whether it is continental, Chinese, Thai or Italian.
There has always been heated debate when it comes to westernization. No doubt that western food culture has been influencing Indian kitchens since last few decades. There are always two sides to coin. Before you jump on to argue how western fast food is ruining our heath let us show the both sides of the impact of western culture in Indian kitchens.

What has changed?

Do you remember when did you eat food last time with bare hands? No? Well, then you have already become fan of Uncle Sam’s cuisine. American love a loaded thanksgiving table, Chinese can’t eat without chopsticks. The tradition of eating with hands has its roots in Ayureda. Eating in Indian food culture is seen as a sensory experience.
While eating with your hands you become more conscious of the taste, texture and aromas says our ancient texts. But intrusion of spoons and other utensils just made eating food as ‘dry’ routine job.

Where are the Indian Thalis?

Indian Thalis are full of nutrition. Thalis represent a food pyramid containing all the things our body needs from carbohydrates, proteins to amino acids. Thalis are a complete package.
Since our life has become as fast as the metro we have shifted from Thalis to fast food like burgers, sandwiches, rolls and shakes.

The cons of western food

1) The Fast food fever:

Nutritionists and scientists have been warning about the effects of western fast food as how it increases the risk of having deceases like high blood pressure, diabetics and heart attack.

2) Affecting immunity:

Western diet has been contributing to have immune – mediated diseases. The western diet is characterized by over consumption and it lacks in variety of food. For the test buds it focuses more on sugar, salt and fats which makes impact on our dietary system.

The advantages of western food:

1) Rich protein source:
Western food contains high calories and it is full of proteins. On the other hand Indian food provides most of the times only carbohydrates.

2) Saves money and time:
Western food takes a little time to cook and to have. It is also quite cheap for your pockets. It is much cheaper than dine in restaurants.

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Common Indian who realized how great my country is when i left india in 1999. After being so many years in various country and knowing views of people about my culture, i felt pride and start thinking why i never felt same when i was in India,, there could be many reasons ,, corrupt govt , poor and aimless western eduction system, lack of nationalism , country run by polititians not by leaders or all of them,, but being as a true country lover i am doing my part. Jai HIND